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Breaking the story of a report to the UN on obstacles to economic growth

In August, I broke the exclusive story of a scientific report commissioned by the UN’s group of independent science advisors working on the UN’s Global Sustainability Report due out next year, a report warning of how the transition to a new era of expensive energy production is undermining the very basis of capitalism as we know it, and endless economic growth in particular.

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BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: Failing States, Collapsing Systems - BioPhysical Triggers of Political Violence

My new book which has just been published by the global science publisher, Springer, is called, Failing States, Collapsing Systems: BioPhysical Triggers of Political Violence (2017). 

Published as part of the SpringerBriefs in Energy series, the book is a peer-reviewed scientific monograph on how state failures around the world are being driven by systemic crises driven by interconnected climate, energy, food and economic crises. The series editor is Prof Charles Hall, the founder of the concept of Energy Return on Investment (EROI) which measures the efficiency of an energy system by calculating the quantity of energy used to extract new energy from a particular resource.

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INSURGE exclusive on risk of civilisation collapse by 2040 goes viral, global

On 19th June, INSURGEintelligence ran an exclusive story on a new scientific model supported by a UK government Task Force, which shows that on a business-as-usual trajectory, industrial civilisation as we know it is likely to collapse within three decades, due to a global food crisis triggered by climate change and energy depletion. The story made the front-page of The Independent website, and credited Insurge Intelligence with breaking it.

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