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Nafeez Ahmed has mined his extensive background in international security to create a fast-paced thriller that combines conspiracies, terrorism, and cutting-edge technology. Prepare to hold on for a wild ride!
— Boyd Morrison, international bestselling author of The Vault, The Catalyst, Rogue Wave and The Ark

Radical imaginaries

Nafeez Ahmed is the author of the science fiction thriller ZERO POINT, a novel inspired by true events. Nafeez wrote ZERO POINT to explore themes and issues in his journalism through a pop culture medium that could reach a different audience. The book was a Second Prize Quarterfinalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, and was exhibited at the Barbican's 2017 'Into the Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction' event. 

ZERO POINT is an pulp action thriller which explores a near future dystopian Britain on the brink of political and ecological collapse. It also draws on a number of sources from Nafeez's journalistic background and experiences to build plausible fictional scenarios that mirror, in fantastical ways, issues in the real-world.

Nafeez is also a musician and singer songwriter in his spare time, and has run a solo music project which aims to 'use the power of sound to convey meaning, confront power, support protest, celebrate nature, oppose injustice, reflect reality, foster hope, and explore negative emotions with a view to resolve, overcome and transform them through creative synergy.'