If you still need something to worry about, how about a grand conflagration of climate, financial, energy, food, and civil-liberties crises, which might destroy the world as we know it before the century is out?... Forceful and well sourced.
— Steven Poole, The Guardian

visualising transition

Nafeez Ahmed is writer and co-producer of the critically-acclaimed documentary feature film, The Crisis of Civilization (2011) directed by Dean Puckett.

The film was screened at numerous film festivals including the Leeds International Film Festival where it was voted a Festival Favourite; SEE Brighton Documentary Film Festival; Portobello Film Festival; Aldeburgh DocFest Fringe; the International Human Rights Film Festival in Buenos Aires; Cinema Planeta in Mexico; Oslo Dokumentarkino; Crossroads Festival in Graz; and Elevate Festival in Graz; among others. A special screening of the film was also organised at Working Title Films in Marylebone.

The Crisis of Civilization has received over half a million views online and was endorsed by the BAFTA award-winning film-maker Nick Broomfield. 

Nafeez was associate producer for Puckett's 2013 feature documentary, Grasp the Nettle, which was also widely exhibited in official selections across the film festival circuit. Grasp the Nettle had its world premiere at the Open City Doc Fest in June 2013.

Nafeez has been involved in dozens of other documentary films over the years, including appearing as a talking head in BBC's 'Generation 7/7' presented by DJ Bobby Friction, also featuring Hollywood actor and musician Riz Ahmed; Channel 4's 'Who Really Runs the World'; Metanoia Films' 'The Power Principle' series; 'Dispossession', a documentary feature by Mathieu Roy; and many others.


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