The Atlantic quotes INSURGE Cambridge Analytica story on Russia ties

The Atlantic has done an interesting story on the figure of Sam Patten, a longtime Republican political operative. Their story breaks the news of Patten's Russia ties - specifically ties to Russian intelligence - and quotes yours truly on one his startling connections to the Big Data firm everyone's talking about.

The author, Natasha Bertrand, reports some of Patten's history also tying him to SCL/Cambridge Analytica, quoting INSURGE's early investigation into Sam Patten, Cambridge Analytica, and their ties with pro-Trump lobbyists pushing for the administration to cave in to the idea of breaking up Iraq along ethnic and sectarian lines. 

Here's the excerpt:

Patten describes himself as an “international political consultant” on his website, but he worked at the Oregon office of Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, SCL Group, helping to fine-tune the firm’s voter targeting operations in the runup to the 2014 midterm elections, according to investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed, now a columnist for Middle East Eye.

The piece provides some other intriguing background on Patten, his relationships to Russian operatives, and how they track back to the Trump campaign. 

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